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Welcome to HighVibe.Network

A revolutionary ecosystem designed to educate, uplift and impact human consciousness.

We’re building our family of authors and creators to contribute toward our global mission.

By submitting your content, you become part of our community and your work will be shared with a global audience ready to learn, grow and up-level themselves. Your content and programs have the potential to impact millions of people ready to transform themselves.

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Why join HighVibe.Network?

HighVibe.Network addresses the core deficiencies of other platforms:

Monetized Content

We use innovative blockchain technology and tokens to reward content consumed/rated by the community

Fast Payments

Authors, creators and affiliates have full transparency into content consumed and are paid quickly

Gamified Learning

HighVibe tokens and gamification tools ensure users are incentivized to stick with programs — which means you create real impact

Featured Authors & Creators


Marisa Peer Named Britain’s #1 Therapist by Tatler magazine and one of the top-grossing personal development authors of our time

• Benjamin Hardy The #1 writer on Medium.com

• Joseph Clough World Class Hypnosis and Meditation Artist

• Jessica Lively Law of Attraction Teacher and Host of the Top 100 podcast, The Lively Show

 Jessica Nazarali Founder of It Girl Academy and Host of It Girl Radio

 Christine Hassler Master Coach, Best Selling Author, keynote Speaker & Podcast/TV Host

• Yanick Silver Founder of Maverick1000 Mastermind & Global Entrepreneur

 Lori Harder Self-Love Specialist, Cover Model & Author

• Sarah Pendrick Founder of Girltalk – One Of The Original Women’s Movements

• Jen Esquer PhD & Founder Of The Optimal Body Program

100+ more authors in the pipeline!


The Basics

What is the Alpha Experience?
The Alpha Experiences is the earliest phase of the HighVibe Ecosystem.  We have set this up for early adopters and founding members. By becoming part of our community now you have the chance to shape the tone, growth and impact of our platform.  Alpha users will also be rewarded with HV Tokens when they become available.

What is HighVibe.Network? How does it work?
HighVibe Network is a global blockchain-based ecosystem designed to elevate human consciousness. We integrate immersive digital and real-world personal development experiences via platforms, apps, communities, events, and travel.

Our ecosystem will address two fundamental problems people face when working on personal development 1) lack of incentives to stay on one’s journey and 2) a sense of belonging.

When HighVibe.Network officially launches we will reward users with HV tokens for taking actions on the platform (e.g., submitting content, voting, commenting, campaigning, rating products, activating new users, etc.) and members can purchase, contribute, and curate experiences with HV tokens, which directly benefits authors and creators.

Think of HighVibe Network as an operating system for one’s life.

How do I apply to be part of the Alpha Experience of the HighVibe.Network?

There is a simple application form and a set of terms and conditions that you will be asked to review and accept before submitting your content. 

How do I log in to the Alpha Experience?
Simply visit this link after you have created a user account.

Submitting Content

How many different categories can I provide content to?
You may submit as much content as you would like that is relative to what you teach. If you have multiple courses and resources spanning varied categories, these are welcomed.

Our curation team can help you move through this process. Simply click apply now to get started.

Can I provide more than one course across various categories and ecosystems?
Absolutely. You may provide relevant courses across all channels.

Are all content/courses pre-recorded? Will there be live webinars and teachings?
During the Alpha phase, all course content (audio/visual/written) will be pre-recorded. We plan to open the platform to live recordings, seminars and ongoing live webinars and courses in the future.

How do I provide my material to you as an author?
You apply here. All material must be legible, cohesive in presentation, checked for grammar, spelling and syntax. All material submitted must answer each question clearly so it is aligned with the HighVibe zero FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) guidelines (see below for details).

What are the technical standards/requirements for providing courses and content?
Please see the following link for details pertaining to minimum technical requirements: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8a4F6mVX64

Additionally, these specifications for shooting video must also be adhered to.

Shooting specs:

  • 23.97 frame rate
  • 1920 x 1080
  • 24mbps
  • Output to Apple pro Rez or h2

Can you help with editing and preparing my content?
Our curation team will handle any required edits assuming requirement standards are met as listed above.  We will not, however, be re-formatting or re-shooting content.

Can I edit my content once it is submitted? If so, what is the process?
Yes, you will be provided with one round of edits after the curation team has created the final draft.

How often do I need to refresh my content?
There is no requirement to refresh your content. You are of course welcome to add new content during the Alpha phase and this is certainly appreciated.

In what format should my biography be scripted?
Please write your biography in the third person. Include no more than 3-5 full sentences about yourself along with 3-5 bullet points that highlight your most significant achievements.

What are the ZERO FUD policies around content contribution and submission?
HighVibe.Network has a ZERO FUD policy (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). We welcome constructive feedback and take it seriously. We will remove any and all negative comments from our channels that are not constructive. We will warn first time offenders, and the second time we will ban users who spread FUD on our channels.

We support our community at the highest levels. Our community is built around positivity and innovation, and we actively work to prevent energy loss due to negative banter. Please send serious feedback directly to the team and only engage in public dialogue that supports the mission.


Do I need a certain number of social media followers to participate? Do I need to be an influencer to be on the platform?
Not at all. We welcome established creators with large followings as well as people just getting started. HighVibe.Network will be an amazing way to build a new following or bring your existing fans exciting new content and ways to earn HV Tokens (learn more about HV Tokens in the Finance Section).

Will you need me for marketing purposes?

Authors and creators have no specific marketing requirements. During the Alpha phase you and your material will be promoted through our social media channels as a founding author.   We welcome any cross-promotion and we are also introducing an affiliate marketing program (see FAQ below).

Do you have an affiliate marketing program?
Yes! The HighVibe Partner Affiliate Program provides a pathway to develop meaningful relationships with people and organizations with whom HighVibe sees long-term alignment. HighVibe has access to over 150,000 email subscribers and a growing community whom we believe will be very receptive to your brand, products and offers.

Highlights of the HighVibe Partner Affiliate Program include:

  • A typical flat 50% commission for the offers we sell (with a 30-day cookie).
  • Affiliation with existing bestselling authors who have multi-million dollar businesses, high traffic blogs, and very engaged audiences.
  • A strong HighVibe team in the US, Europe, and Asia which can respond to your needs on a global basis.

Can I be part of other platforms if I am a part of HighVibe.Network?
Yes, unless you have negotiated an exclusive agreement.

What is the anticipated audience exposure over the next 12 months?
Authors who onboard early have a distinct advantage with respect to audience reach and traction for their courses on our platform.

Will HighVibe.Network be global?
Yes. HighVibe.Network will be available to users globally, limited only by local government regulations.

Is HighVibe.Network affiliated with other personal growth organisations?
We are not currently officially affiliated with other personal development organizations though we have many, many informal connections.  We welcome suggestions and fully intend to build out our ecosystem of partners over time.


How are creators compensated?
Authors will be compensated by either via flat fee (on membership platforms) or via a 30% fixed profit on premium offerings provided. We will arrange private conversations with founding authors who contributed to the Alpha experience to discuss token compensation.   We also offer an affiliate marketing program that typically offers a 50% commission, paid immediately.

What are HighVibe Tokens (HV) and how do they work?
Think of HighVibe Tokens (HV) as “points” that are a lot more useful than what you normally get on platform or from a brand. Tapping into the Attention Economy 2.0, HighVibe will instantly reward users , authors, and affiliates with HV for action taken on the platform (e.g., submitting content, voting, commenting, campaigning, rating products, activating new users, etc.) and members can purchase, contribute, and curate experiences with HV, which also benefits authors and creators.  


Tokens also open the opportunity for governance of platform as HV holders will get to vote directly and “elect” member representatives who work with the HighVibe team to set the overall direction.  

Can I participate in the HighVibe.Network Token Sale?


Other restrictions may apply.

HighVibe Mission, Vision, Values

What is the HighVibe.Network’s Mission?
Our mission is to awaken human potential and raise the world’s consciousness. We will do this by creating the next generation self-realised, self-actualised and self-aware human who encapsulates the greatest qualities of all of humanity and awakens our consciousness.

What is the HighVibe.Network Vision?

To provide a revolutionary blockchain-based ecosystem for collective and personal transformation, which allocates its resources to accelerate the growth of humanity. We want to raise the worlds vibration.

What are the HighVibe.Network Values?
HighVibe.Network’s values are S.A.C.R.E.D.

Service, Abundance, Connectedness, Responsibility, Empowerment, and Devotion.

It is the intention of HighVibe.Network that everyone who is a part of the ecosystem feel these values at an energetic, pragmatic and community level. These values also transcend into the content submitted and ultimately the uplifting of the entire ecosystem through aligned contribution.

What is the HighVibe.Network Purpose?
To uplift and inspire the current human condition via the implementation of innovative education frameworks aligned with a more inclusive and sustainable view of human development and our future. 

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