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Are you an Author or Creator?

We are handpicking authors to be among the first in our platform. Benefits of becoming part of our community at the early stages include the opportunity to help shape the content, the chance to reserve a handle/name, and a head start in pushing out content and building community.

Authors and Creators on HighVibe.Network will have high visibility, opportunities for deep engagement and broad organic reach. Too often creators are stuck using social media and advertising platforms that leave them few options to create evergreen content or achieve any real organic reach. Opportunities for community and group engagement are also dwindling, leaving a major gap that HighVibe.Network aims to fill.

We value our authors and creators and will be collaborating with them heavily to achieve excellence and ensure they are included in our design and development process.

Our HighVibe Affiliate program

Under our affiliate program we will send traffic to authors and creators who add the most value to our Network. We are also looking to pay it forward, by solving some of the major problems in the industry through our intelligent tokenomics model combined with DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

Affiliates are currently getting paid with delays, and with a lack of transparency. There is generally no shared ledger storing sales information from the marketing efforts affiliates take on. Also the high fee structure that most payment processors take are extremely costly when we look at higher volume deal flow.

We see affiliates as our biggest advocates. Our network is architected for autonomous growth and mass market adoption. This heavily involves people inviting others to either read a post, attend an event, or purchase a premium experience. aligning with the collective growth of our ecosystem.

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