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Participate in the massively growing wellness & personal development industries

A Blockchain-Based Experience Ecosystem Designed To Awaken Human Potential

 HighVibe.Network is an ecosystem designed to elevate human consciousness by integrating immersive experiences, multidimensional learning, and personal development. Delivered through various apps, learning platforms, and content channels.

Expanding the wellness industry with a token that’s built for mass adoption, tapping into the Attention Economy 2.0. A thriving community built in the interests of its members where everyone can grow together, support each other, and invest in themselves.

With an intuitive protocol that unlocks the latest innovations in cryptocurrency and supports lifelong learning.

Uplifting Content

Access highly-curated, inspiring content such as videos, guided meditation tracks, masterclasses, and trainings. Facilitated by key thought-leaders, teachers and authors.

Multidimensional Learning

Within our roadmap, we’re building immersive and experiential learning journeys and tapping into innovative VR and AR technologies to help you unlock your limitless potential.

Limitless Growth

An interconnected network of platforms, apps, events, and communities enables limitless opportunity for you to accelerate your personal development.

Abundant Living

We’re empowering a supportive and proactive community through smart incentive models using the HV Token to boost personal development, collaboration, and value for everyone in the network. Sharing the abundance by adding more value than we take. Reducing middleman, platform, and publisher  fee structures to align the incentives across the community.

Our Vision Is To Accelerate The Growth Of Humanity

More often than not, people who desire to help themselves fall short.

Personal development can be a costly, challenging and lonely journey. Although we’re making tremendous breakthroughs in learning technology, it’s often inaccessible to the masses due to high price points and lack of support and awareness.  Users generally don’t complete the courses they purchase, aren’t incentivised to be consistent with programs, and lose motivation after completing them.

Blockchain gives this field an edge by enabling connected education platforms that make peer-to-peer learning, collaboration and sharing more effective, and secure within the token economy.

We’re rewarding members to become their best selves. 

The HighVibe Network ecosystem allows users to earn  HighVibe (HV) Tokens by participating in the ecosystem through consuming content, commenting, campaigning, referring other members and more.  HighVibe will be a highly gamified ecosystem that includes levels, status badges, leaderboards, rewards, and author/influencer engagement opportunities, merging the powerful categories of education, entertainment, and gaming.

As a transformative, token-based ecosystem, united and supported by the HighVibe Token (HV), users earn and create value in multiple ways.

Token Economics

We reward our members

We allow users to earn tokens by simply participating in the ecosystem — whether through consuming content, commenting, campaigning, referring other members, and more.

This is enabled by leveraging an extremely innovative “Proof of Engagement” incentive algorithm where member participation adds value and is appreciated by more tokens.

We’re create better visibility for authors & creators

Authors and creators can monetize their content and get visibility in the platform with state-of-the-art incentives to encourage user behavior, such as “upvote” and “like”-based algorithms.

We offer transparency 

We offer our affiliates a multi-tiered commission structure that is transparent and enables rapid payments into their nominated wallet.

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