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A blockchain ecosystem designed to


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A blockchain ecosystem designed to


Welcome to Our Whitelist

Enter your details below for immediate access to our Whitepaper and we'll send you early access to our Alpha Release and Upcoming Announcements

We love your privacy and will never sell, give, or rent your email under any circumstances. No spam. See our privacy and terms here.

What is HighVibe.Network?


An Experiential Learning Platform Designed For Your Highest Good

HighVibe.Network is a unique blockchain protocol designed to revolutionise personal development by unifying and integrating multidimensional learning, immersive experiences, and functional entertainment through various apps, learning platforms, and content channels.

A network of the future designed to unite members in an inclusive and collaborative global community. With an intuitive protocol that renders the latest innovations in cryptocurrency and supports lifelong learning. A thriving community where everyone can grow together, support each other, and invest in themselves.

Uplifting Content

Access highly-curated, inspiring content such as videos, meditation tracks, masterclasses and trainings facilitated by key thought-leaders, teachers and authors.

Multidimensional Learning

Within our roadmap, we’re building immersive and experiential learning journeys on innovative VR and AR technologies to help you unlock your limitless potential.

Limitless Growth

An interconnected network of platforms, apps, events and communities enables limitless opportunity for you to accelerate your personal development.

Abundant Living

We’re empowering a supportive and proactive community through multiple events curated to boost personal development, collaboration and networking.

A Unified Blockchain Ecosystem To Awaken Human Potential

More often than not, people who desire to develop themselves end up falling short. Personal development can be a costly, challenging and lonely journey. Although we’re making tremendous breakthroughs in learning technology, they’re often inaccessible to the masses due to high price points and lack of support and awareness. Users generally don’t complete the courses they purchase, aren’t incentivised to be consistent with programs, and lose motivation after completing them.

Blockchain technology gives this field an additional edge by enabling decentralized education platforms that makes peer-to-peer learning, collaborating and sharing more effective, secure and standardized. 

The HighVibe Network ecosystem connects and integrates the latest innovations in cryptocurrency with the personal growth space. We’re a token-based transformative ecosystem, united and supported by HighVibe token (HV), giving users value in multiple ways beyond being able to spend it or trade it.

We’re incentivizing members by paying them to become their best self. 

HighVibe Network allows users to earn its HighVibe (HV) Tokens by simply participating in the ecosystem — whether through consuming content, commenting, campaigning, referring other members and more.

The HighVibe.Network Ecosystem


More than just clean water. The Happy Water Project is consciously transforming the way we relate to our health. An advocate for the mind-body connection - The Happy Water Project sources the cleanest and purest water, reinforces it with our unique high vibrational process and makes it accessible. The effect of high quality ‘structured’ water on the human body is profoundly underestimated. We are on a mission to distribute the best, energy infused, structured water on the planet.


We locate the most high vibrational locations and create inspirational events hosted by some of the greatest minds on this planet to facilitate a journey of transformation, revelation and connection. HighVibe.Events is a platform that curates conscious events to activate, teach, inspire, transform, and connect our community. Where can you expand your consciousness, whilst being in touch with a high vibrational community and creating unforgettable moments? At Highvibe events we have your back.


The iDevelopMyself platform is an ‘all you can eat’ membership where we add disproportionate value to our users, far greater than the cost of the membership (which will be less than $10/month). We provide you with ‘at your fingertips’ access to inspiring short courses, films, and documentaries from some of the greatest authors, coaches and minds of our time. With a seamless interface our unique model actually pays you to learn + grow from any device.


A revolutionary platform for completely changing the way we learn and connect and move through the world. Creating wellness districts in the VR world (aka the metaverse), offering a sanctuary of immersive experiences featuring the world’s greatest experiences captured in 3D. With state of the art virtual and augmented reality technology, we enable innovation with experiential learning in such a way that enhances and evolves the uptake of information you are being exposed to


Get ready to uplift your mental state and train your subconscious mind. Life can be ‘busy’, fast, occupying, distracting and at times challenging. With advanced sound technologies to both heighten cognitive states or to relax your mind, there are tailored tracks to destress you. Binaural beats, oscillating beats and high frequency sound are some of the elements we use to give you a world class, immersive experience. By tuning in to some of the best voices and artists, you will have the ability to consciously choose your mental states and form habits that support a fulfilling life.


A positive news channel only speaking to what is going well and working well in the world. This channel is about presenting you with news that is meaningful, high-vibrational and inspiring. When we are inspired, we are able to do more and be more in this world. Our brains are wired to notice what is 'going wrong' in the world. It is time to take place attention on what is 'going right in the world'. Perspective is everything - get your perspective right, get your life right.


A blockchain based ecosystem awakening human potential. A global conscious community underpinned by a values based utility token.


Emotional intelligence and artistic expression are missing from our current schooling system and we aim to fill in the ‘gap’. Teaching how to connect, collaborate, and pursue our passions. At Highvibe School we believe in reshaping and revolutionising the way in which we learn, educate, inform, and impart wisdom to our younger generations. We are a platform to expand the consciousness of our future generations.


Being exposed to the right sounds at the right time can not only improve our moods but can also fundamentally shift our physiology. At Abundance Sounds we carefully curate and engineer our music to consciously enrich your physiological, emotional and psychological needs. You will be empowered to listen to music designed to life your energy and raise your vibration.


At Highvibe show we offer you the most high vibrational conversations with enlightened minds that deliver the highest quality content available. At Highvibe Show it is all in the intention and the art of query. We have curated a system to extract maximum value from each guest to deliver the highest quality value to you - anytime, anywhere and at any moment.


At HighVibe.Health we are all about providing you with the latest, most effective and practical tools for physical wellbeing, transformation and evolution. We have curated the most advanced methodologies - leveraging current innovation and research with proven traditional practices for upgrading your health. You will have access to the greatest minds in this field to deliver you optimal results and proven strategies for a lifetime of transformation.


At ZenTravelCo we are more than just travel company. We locate, source and curate the most high vibrational experiences on the planet. High vibrational beings, in high vibrational places, engaged in high vibrational experiences. Each location and experience is curated to be an experience of a lifetime.


We have created a space for our members to sell approved offers. HighVibe.Market is a platform for serving conscious offers to our community. A marketplace for collaboration, idea creation and enginuity to thrive. For like minded businesses to connect and create now, and in the future.

Our Vision

To accelerate the growth of humanity by providing an accessible, affordable, collaborative and innovative ecosystem for individual and collective expansion.

Be Truly Limitless



We empower and incentivize you to develop and improve various facets of your life in an inspiring and productive way.



We are an inclusive and proactive tribe of high achievers, connected globally, helping each other along the way, the extended family you’ve always wanted.



We are a concierge at the highest levels, getting you exactly what you need to grow.



We provide premium access to special offers, perks and privileges only available to our members.



We offer world-class support across our entire platform, powered by both our team and our community.



iDevelopMyself is a platform that allows excellence in reciprocation between educators and users fueling humanity’s growth.

We make personal development and growth ‘addictive’ by revolutionizing the user experience through innovative incentivized models, whilst acknowledging the intrinsic worth of our educators.

To take personal development to the next level and make it available for mainstream adoption whilst prioritizing connectedness as a vehicle for accelerating humanity.

Our roadmap includes meditation and uplifting music platforms, zen travel experiences, VR and AR multidimensional learning experiences and innovative health products.


How We Incentivize The Community

We’re Incentivizing Members To Grow By Paying Them 

We allow users to earn tokens by simply participating in the ecosystem — whether through consuming content, commenting, campaigning, referring other members, and more.

This is enabled by leveraging an extremely innovative “Proof of Brain” incentive algorithm where member participation adds value and is appreciated by more tokens.

We’re Creating Better Visibility For Authors & Creators

Authors and creators can monetize their content and get visibility in the platform with state-of-the-art incentives to encourage user behavior, such as “upvote” and “like”-based algorithms. They can also make either a fixed fee (on membership platforms) or a 30% fixed profit on premium offerings.

We Offer Transparency To Our Affiliates 

We offer our affiliates a multi-tiered commission structure that is  transparent and enables swift payment.


Our rating/reputation systems will enable users to build trust in our virtual communities through a decentralized rating system. (An example of a service that uses a reputation system is Reddit as their post karma feature determines whether you can be trusted).

For example, they will be able to use the token to buy meditation and transformational learning materials for the many ailments of the world such as depression and other more uplifting motivational items to add to their life.

In the future, obtaining these coins will be even easier. Today, the most common route is to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Waves is through your HighVibe Token Wallet or with your dollars, euros, yen, etc. and then use the Bitcoin to buy the tokens of HighVibe (HV). Alternatively, someone who has a token can send you some.


The token will enable peer-to-peer engagement, concierge style benefits and we will also look to add value at a transactional level to authors, vendors, and partners for accepting the coin. Holding various levels (aka tiers) of the token will enable free access to membership privileges, guided experiences and courses from popular authors.

Uniting businesses that make a positive impact…

You can purchase experiences through the HighVibe token blockchain, creating an immutable record of ownership, as well as a full record of your platform activity to keep track of your personal growth. You can choose to share that information or keep it private. With full control over your interface, you can create unique experiences unlike anything in existence.


A strong benefits structure managed smart contracts via the blockchain.
Contributors, partners and affiliates can trust the transparency of getting paid with smart contracts.

Community Leaderboard goals, activity and accomplishments recorded in the blockchain (leveraging proof of work protocol)

Goal Tracking – Users can set Intentions and personal goals into the blockchain to enable a gamified experience where they can earn Points, advance to higher levels, and share results with friends… All pointing to our HV Decentralised Ledger

Partner Platforms – The token in itself will have huge benefits with other transformational platforms. So they will not only be able to spend on our platform but will be able to spend it on other platforms too.


In a DAO, a blockchain-based organization, you don’t have a boss or a CEO. What you have is a dynamic set of working relationships continuously and dynamically self-organized around outcomes and projects. People with the highest levels of skill and motivation work together to evolve the platform.

If a project makes the DAO more valuable, useful, or meaningful for its members and for potential future members, then people WANT to do then it’s in their own best interest to do so. Because the one thing that everyone in the DAO shares is this: Every single person wants the value of the tokens to increase. So, everyone is hyper-focused on putting as much value into the DAO as possible and, conversely, extremely disinterested in doing anything that doesn’t add value.

We are looking to implement DAO principles in our Team making our environment more fluid and built for the future.


Claim Your Prosperity

The opportunity to participate early in token-enabled digital asset economy is potentially worth $10T in 2025.

The market cap of all cryptocurrency tokens is growing extraordinarily fast. The entire market reached a market cap of USD $505bn as of Feb 2018.

But most importantly, a totally new market of digital assets is being created. Tokens of projects that are offering real world benefits to their users beyond the protocol. The rise of new kind of digital assets enables the creation of a value-based asset underpinned by growing community of supporters.

$10T (10%) OF GLOBAL GDP

The World Bank estimates that 10% of global GDP will be generated on blockchains by 2025. The GDP estimated for 2025 is $100T, thus the value generated through blockchain is expected to be $10T (10%).

Today, merchants don’t have an opportunity to access that money. They will have a considerable incentive to participate in the token economy with our value adds and our user base in the market.


In the book Stealing Fire, Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheel indicate that ~$4 trillion dollars is being spent every year by us all seeking to get out of our own heads, and into what we’d call a high vibration, whether for performance, connection, adventure, or relaxation.

  • UK
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Russia
  • Majority of Europe
  • Canada
  • Australia

The Dream Team

Faiz Nazarali

Faiz Nazarali

Chief of Miracles


John Davy

John Davy

Author Relations & Growth


Michael Sung

Michael Sung

Tech Innovation, A.I. and Asia Market Expansion

Chris Traub

Chris Traub

A-list Relationships

Talent Magician

Blake Baxter

Blake Baxter

Flow Master


Jim Winett

Jim Winett

Master of Numbers

Head of Finance

Nikhil Kale

Nikhil Kale

Eye of the Tiger

Creative Director

Akira Chan

Akira Chan

Master of Visuals

Head of Film

Toni Lane Casserly

Toni Lane Casserly

Queen of Culture


Sunil Bagai

Sunil Bagai

Platform Scalability & Decentralized Architecture

Virginia Salas Kastilio

Virginia Salas Kastilio

Content Strategy & Author Relationships

Ali Abji

Ali Abji

Lead Blockchain & Full Stack Developer

Stef Sifandos

Stef Sifandos

Head of Platforms

Renee Airya

Renee Airya

Content Strategy &

Author Relationships

Jian Yin Shen

Jian Yin Shen

Full Stack Developer

Liz Wald

Liz Wald

Chief Convergence Officer

Ecosystem Expansion


Purchase HighVibe Tokens

The ICO is a fundraising mechanism, where future cryptocurrency tokens are sold for current, liquid cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Waves, and Ethereum.

Within our wallet, you can purchase HighVibe Token (HV) OR receive Bitcoins or another currency in exchange for your token. The project economics and integration of the token into the product will be seamlessly linked to all of our platforms via simple & modern merchant facility pages – linking to both on-chain and off-chain services.

By this ICO we are not only looking to acquire capital for development but more importantly, we will gain loyal users for our platforms who believe in the overall project and are ready to become our founding members who can truly help make us the very best platform through requests and honest feedback.


Sep 9








Fulfill Your Destiny

They say money doesn’t give you fulfillment. It’s true it doesn’t actually GIVE you fulfillment (and most people spend it poorly)…

What if our money actually gave us fulfillment? What if it ACTUALLY benefited everyone involved?  What if it inherently gave us access to ways in which we could build up our confidence, self worth, and our abundance mindsets? What if it acted like a personal concierge of sorts and gave us the right uplifting content and messages as the right time?

This is far more than a currency it is as an operating system for your life. And we give you access to different apps and experiences on top of that operating system, for your individual self-improvement and personal growth. Because it is decentralized, as a user and owner of the token, you can collaborate and create new experiences and help move any project forward and expand it’s impact.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has…”


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© 2018 HighVibe.Network 

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