Elevating our human experience.

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An enriching digital nation-state

Earn through engagement
Earn $VIBES tokens when you engage with elevating content and participate in experiences throughout our platform.
Artists & creators control their value
Creators are incentivized to create, and are given clear ownership of their creations. Earnings are transparent.
Decentralized IPs
IP and Web3 are symbiotic. NFTs allow fractional ownership of IP collections, which can amass large amounts of collective value.
Crowd-curated social media
The Highvibe ecosystem allows for crowd curation, and naturally elevates the experiences that add the greatest value.
Bridging the worlds
Leveraging Web3 to bridge the best blockchain technology with personal growth, experience, and education platforms.
Connected intelligence
Highvibe Network is a DAO, with a treasury that’s governed by its members. Join and create global communities, and develop group coherence using interoperable tools.
Highvibe rewards you for

Doing your part to elevate human consciousness

Whether you’re creating content, building connections, or pursuing immersive experiences, our tools give you the power to realize value, generate wealth, cultivate your own audience, and retain digital ownership of your assets.

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Divesting the current model

Social media giants are harvesting our time, stealing our attention, and extracting the fruits of our creativity for huge profits.

Our attention spans are divided
There are more channels, creators, and media vying for our attention than ever before. Most of which fuel a system that lowers our ability to pay attention to the things we care about.
Content creators & artists are poorly rewarded
The current structure benefits publishers and platforms exclusively while exploiting talent, undercutting opportunity, and discouraging creativity for countless talented idea-makers.
Instant gratification rules the social landscape
We’re caught in validation-seeking loops, hooked to addictive content feeds that manipulate us into conflict and consumption.

Oligopolies are using powerful AI to distract, disempower, and divide us.

We are drawn in by addictive, low-vibrational content. Real creators, by contrast, rarely reap the benefits or enjoy the audiences attracted by their content. Publishers and middlemen keep most of the profits. Consumption behavior is leading us into a social dilemma that demands fresh, ground-up solutions.

A sovereign blockchain based ecosystem designed to integrate immersive experiences, multidimensional learning, and personal development.

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Awaken human potential

Welcome to Highvibe Network, a future economy built on blockchain-powered commerce, distributing power, and aligning with the common interests of all network participants.

Increased Access
Blockchain networks are now facilitating cross-border payments and access to billions of unbanked people for the first time.
Better Incentives
Everyone can participate in the growth of Highvibe Network and earn through their engagement.
Lower Fees
Highvibe Network is built to be decentralized, which means that buyers and sellers can bypass unnecessary middlemen and share far greater upside.

We are channeling energy toward experiences that enhance our lives, and thus expanding the already booming wellness industry.

Wellness is among the fastest growing industries in the world, generating more than $4.5 trillion per year. Robust human interest in wellness promises widespread positive-loops for member growth within Highvibe Network, as well as broader support for our collective mission.


A foundation for autonomous growth

Highvibe Network operates on the premise that in order to create value, an experience must be magnetic. Creators are inspired to their greatest and most compelling  achievements when they are incentivized by opportunity.
Smart artist royalties
Earn royalties every time Highvibe tracks sales and resales. Your earnings are based on real metrics--not just streams.
Collectible swag
Own playable experiences, skins, access passes, metaverse land, collectables, and more. All based on open ERC 721/1155 composable standards which can be used in other platforms. 
Gamification & rewards
Get incentives that drive focus on what matters to you, and support the growth of the ecosystem.
Gifting economies
Support artists you believe in. At any point, you can tip another community member and share some $VIBES.
Human readable addresses
Receive funds with your handle/name using the VIBES.org app.
DeFi powered incentives
Earn yield farming rewards in addition to Limited Edition NFT Drops as a Staker or Liquidity Provider (LP).

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Highvibe's growth is rooted in a powerful digital currency designed with creatives and participants in mind.

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Propagating a broad genre of content experiences that we call functional entertainment.

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