$VIBES Token

DeFi-powered rewards model
Token Stakers and Liquidity Providers are incentivised to provide liquid markets and earn yield farming rewards for their participation, in addition to earning Special Edition NFT Drops.
Open governance
Our community will shape our future and lay the foundation for our decentralized governance architecture as we create, innovate, and evolve. $VIBES will act as a governance token for the economy to flourish with aligned interests and will reward contributions to DAO management.
NFT minting portal & marketplace
Mint audio/visual NFTs based on open standards, and participate in the experience economy.
On-chain value distribution
Choose how you distribute royalties without any coding requirements for the user. The details are all elegantly baked into your smart contract(s).
Blockchain interoperability
$VIBES supports leading blockchains as they bridge the gaps between different technology ecosystems, creating a superior user experience, and also enabling cross-chain interoperability.
"Positioned at the intersection of creators and communities in the experience economy."

$VIBES Max Token Supply

21 Billion

$VIBES tokens can be used to stake in our DeFi vaults, participate in the NFT marketplace, and to support creators.

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Welcome to The New Dimension of the Experience Economy

Vibes is an interface where anyone can experience the Highvibe Network ecosystem through a simple Web3 access layer. Vibes is a low-friction, pay-it-forward wellness platform for everyone on the planet.

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NFT Minting Portal & Marketplace
DeFi Liquidity Pools & Yield Farming
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The Open Non-Fungible Economy

NFTs decouple monetization from distribution

Creators can now earn directly from their fans and collectors on virtually any supported distribution platform and/or metaverse. Web3 will continue to build bridges between blockchains, applications, toolsets, and interfaces.

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Become part of the Highvibe Community

Get involved and be part of the evolution.
NFT Drops

Reach new audiences and be rewarded fairly when they consume your content.

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Get access to $VIBES, the native token of Highvibe Network.


Help create the new paradigm in online connection, media and experiences.

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