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Chief of Miracles
Faiz Nazarali
Founder & CEO, Vision, Architecture, and Growth

Faiz is a creative futurist who has been paying it forward as a career long entrepreneur, investor, artist, activator, collector, and lifelong humanitarian. He is the OG Co-Founder of Highvibe Network and has been consistently building for five years with a clear vision of what we are seeing unravel in real-time: a world where technology is impacting human life more than ever before. His dharma is to build a new economy that fundamentally uplifts the human experience, not extracts from it, and to make this abundant ecosystem feel like play. With strong economic frameworks that allow participants to flourish as our new economic systems emerge.

Faiz has been called by many, “a technologist with a soul”, and is widely recognized for building solutions that no one else can see are possible, ones that empower individuals and the collective as a whole. Faiz is called to work at the intersection of Web3 and Consciousness, which is one of the highest level playing fields that will ultimately define the course of human history. It’s clear that within the next decade, technology (namely deep learning and AI) will outpace human intelligence. It is our responsibility to create harmony within that. To enable technology to see the best of humanity, and for it to naturally multiply in alignment with our well-being.

Faiz draws his passion and North Star from a philosophy of using our genius to support the collective. Inspired by deep experiences with meditation, sitting in sacred ceremony with indegenous wisdom carriers. All the way to the cutting edge three-dimensional manifesting of industry changing partnerships. Faiz stays grounded in the knowledge that we as humans can and will always figure out a way to improve the state of the world. Over and over again like a dance… Especially now that we have the most innovative tools and evolved consciousness to do so.

Faiz Nazarali
Mystery Keeper
Chiyoko Osborne
Partnerships and Culture

Chiyoko is passionate about collaborating with awakened people to co-create a more conscious world. As Co-Founder of Highvibe Network, she is proud to play a part in helping shape the conscious blockchain frontier along with our partners.

Chiyoko has had a wide, colorful spectrum of professional experiences over the past two decades. She began her 10-year marketing and advertising career in 2002 in the fashion industry in NYC - at Calvin Klein she worked on the birth of Web 2 ecommerce, and eventually rose to CMO of Alexander Wang. A radical spiritual awakening via yoga and meditation ignited Chiyoko's passion for the wellness industry and a career pivot in 2012. She holds a certification in Holistic Integrative Health, co-founded a corporate meditation company, and co-founded a SaaS platform for community collaboration that was used by the United Nations to support the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Along the way she continued her deep studies of the mystical and is also an Akashic Records practitioner. She is a Lululemon Ambassador, recognized for entrepreneurial leaders in the wellness industry, and is an Advisory Board member of the National Foundation for Integrative Medicine.

Chiyoko is deeply connected to Oneness and her magic is to weave energetic coherence between visionaries, leaders, teams, and communities. She splits her time living between Bali and Kauai, Hawaii.

Chiyoko Osborne
World Bridger
Esat Mert
Project Manager & Analyst

Esat is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of serving in large and well-respected financial institutions. Driven by his ambition to the blockchain, he takes pride in providing the best system designs possible.

As a skilled quantitative researcher in Web 3, his goals include extracting the best projects and designing the optimal staking and token models. In addition to his primary job functions, Esat has been recognized by CFA Institute (as Level III candidate) for his extraordinary commitment to Finance. He is a MiF (MBA equivalent) London Business School and currently resides in London.

Esat Mert
Expansion Maverick
Shaan Coelho
Expansion & Growth

From New York to Europe and across Asia, Shaan brings over a decade of experience in the advertising and marketing world to help grow businesses, build partnerships, and innovate organizations.

A strategic problem solver with an entrepreneurial spirit, he brings a global perspective to an increasingly connected world.

A former Vice President of Gary Vaynerchuk's VaynerMedia, Shaan has helped grow and scale offices around the world, partnered with the Fortune 50-500 and built healthy, happy teams focused on impact-oriented missions.

Shaan Coelho
Global Alliances
John Lin
Rational Optimist

John has worked as a trader all his life. First, in the trading pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, then in London and Tokyo, before finally settling in Singapore. In 2006, just as the SIMEX open outcry trading pits closed, John founded Grasshopper and began afresh with electronic trading. Over a decade later, Grasshopper is now a leading proprietary trading firm in Asia.

These days, as Chairman of Grasshopper, John guides an exceptional collection of low-ego and competent teammates through the trenches of trading, technology, and constant disruption. He also makes time for his family, golf, kitesurfing, and traveling the world for great music, uncommon truths, and incredible friendships.

John Lin
Flow Architect
Candice Mac Nicol
Operations and Experience

An inquisitive generalist, Cands believes in doing excellent work with kindness. A marketing strategist and brand builder at heart, she has 15+ years of experience in Marketing, Production, and Operations.

Cands has a natural inclination to make things ‘fit together well’, taking a holistic approach when building systems, and focusing on the impact on the customer and the team.

Her approach to operations is to find the calm in the chaos and work with confidence in the discomfort of change.

Candice Mac Nicol
Vision Manifestor
Dmitriy Malets
Technical Architect

Dmitriy is a tech enthusiast and loves to be up-to-speed with what’s happening in the space and integrate new solutions into his work. His technical background helps him to manage development teams, improve business, and increase productivity dramatically. His recent focus is on Flutter development, applying his mobile and web expertise, and overall speeding up the product lifecycle.

Dmitriy loves challenges and expanding new horizons, both in his work and personal life. He enjoys the inspiration that comes from travel and reading, from exploring new ideas to learn from - these push him forward and allow him to ride the wave.

Dmitriy Malets
Speaker. Mentor. Archetypal Visionary.
Kevin Orosz
High Performance Coach

Kevin is a speaker, mentor, coach, entrepreneur, archetypal visionary, and student of humanity’s myths.

He is driven by offering his voice and presence to improve the lives of people all over the world.  Through his podcast “The (R)Evolution,” online courses, evolutionary men’s work, and private mentorship, Kevin teaches others how to create more impact and success, ignite polarity in relationships, and claim their kingdom.

Shinobi Philosopher
Kevin Orosz
Writer, Designer and Artist
Justyna Cyrankiewicz
Creative Magnet

Justyna is combining the Creative Sector with New Tech, Social and Environmental Impact, and Strategy. She is a creative thinker, an analytic mind, and an inventive problem-solver. She loves learning, and likes to say that this, and personal growth are her real full-time jobs. Her action point is informed by the robust and intersectional experience which allows her to quickly see a bigger picture while remaining highly detailed-oriented.

Justyna calls herself a storyteller due to the lack of a proper term that adequately describes what she does and where she is headed on her professional path.She sees a substantial value in smart volunteering and a multidisciplinary approach toward careers.

Through her actions, she advocates for transparency, equality, empowerment, economic fairness, sustainable and pro-ecological solutions, personal growth, mental health, and demystified spirituality. She cares about good story and design, as they often encompass all of the above.Her fields of work and major interests are technology, storytelling, activism (environmental and social), business, mental health, personal growth, education, design, and art.

Justyna always aims to work with B Corps, Social Enterprises, and Impact-oriented organisations as she is strongly mission-driven and feels the most dedicated when contributing her knowledge, skillset, and creativity to a good cause.

Justyna Cyrankiewicz
Content Weaver
Alexia Muñiz Braun
Creative Production

A strong believer in curiosity and finding beauty in the unexpected. Alexia is an artist with over 14 years of experience in various areas of the music industry.
She has worked for Buenos Aires-based ZZK / AYA Records in the development, production, release, and promotion of discographic projects and events, tour management, and international music conference participation.

Alexia has broad experience in event production (festivals, concerts, conferences, networking), including over 4 years as responsible for the international area of the music promotion office for the Argentine government.
She was the general coordinator of BAFIM (Buenos Aires International Music Fair & Conference) and co-founder of BAMM (Buenos Aires Music Meet).

In tandem, she has created a series of art projects, served as a stage designer, art director, and participated in exhibitions. Alexia is currently based in Bali where she has also taught yoga at the Radiantly Alive Studio. She serves the ocean as a Coral Gardener and is now a proud member of the Highvibe Network & Uma Sai families.

Alexia Muñiz Braun
Author Relations and Growth
John Davy
Council Member

John is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and speaker who has decades of experience building high-growth companies. Deeply involved in the personal growth industry and connected to prominent authors globally, John combined his passions for health, wellness, and education to form (RTT) with his wife Marisa Peer, who is a best-selling author and world-renown hypnotherapist. John has founded or served as chairman of many companies, lending his expertise to some of the world’s most groundbreaking projects that span digital and conventional industries.

Highlights include:

Building the highly lauded Jongleurs comedy brand. Selling the company in 2000 at a valuation of $51M. Creating several successful digital businesses including affiliate programs, a $50M white label Google Ad Words business, a continuing education (CE) training platform, and most recently, a trading fund to track the most active cryptocurrencies. Guiding 35 culinary brick and mortar hubs to life, buying and selling more than 40 commercial properties, and becoming chairman of London-based, award-winning Alan Camp Architects.

Heavy Hitter
John Davy
Orchestration Ninja
Nicolas Nups
Technical Project Manager

Nicolas is a responsive and resourceful project manager with 7+ years of experience pushing the limits on creating value for organizations with audacious missions. He’s worked across the spectrum from early-stage blockchain startups, all the way up to managing 50+ software engineers (web developers, C#, C++, NodeJS) with large-scale deliverables and budgets exceeding fifteen million euros.

He’s worked with Defense & Space projects for worldwide governments, and Blockchain projects (Embedded Software, SaaS, DApps, Mobile DApps, and API Development) in conjunction with Asian governments, all with the likes of Thales Alenia Space, Airbus Defense, and Amadeus.

He has a strong hunger to serve the world while cultivating new experiences and he strongly believes (and understands) that emerging technology will contribute to everyone’s well-being and enhance our quality of life across the planet.

Nicolas Nups
Messenger of love
Nicole Gibson
Transformational Facilitator & Unifier

Nicole Gibson is an Australian multi-award-winning Millennial Entrepreneur, Former Mental Health Commissioner, Speaker, Transformational Facilitator & Unifier.

She is an unstoppable messenger of love, human potential, and a fierce ambassador for mental health. Nicole is a skilled and experienced motivational speaker and facilitator who believes the one way to change the world is to transform ourselves. She has facilitated workshops and presentations with over a quarter of a million attendees. She is passionate about helping people connect to that deep part of us that realizes our greatest potential, and understanding our responsibility to give back to the world.

Nicole Gibson
Winged Tiger
Chris Traub
Key Relationships

Chris Traub has been a global executive search pioneer and connector and curator of global transformation communities of inspired, compassionate, and impact-oriented leaders, for the past 37 years. Chris co-founded Strategic Executive Search (SES) group in 1988; and leads the firm's Board & C-Suite focused, Crypto, Technology, and Private Equity Practice Groups today, partnering with the world's largest companies as well as game changing exponential technology companies, and private equity/buyout-backed enterprises.

Chris is concurrently Founder & Curator of Vortex, the Global Leadership Transformation & Impact Community, and Co-Founder of - the Global Collective of Conscious Communities.

Chris regularly mountain bikes to his favorite natural cold springs in a nearby national park; is passionate about consciousness, transformation, and adventure travel; and plays the world's only Tibetan Tiger Harpobanjitar.

Chris Traub
Cosmic Eons
Sunil Bagai
Entrepreneur and Innovator

Sunil is an entrepreneur and innovator who cares deeply about the future of work and maximizing human potential. Blending vision, technology and business skills honed in the most innovative corporate environments, he has learned that great people are the most essential ingredient in building successful companies. His most recent venture, Prosperix, enables businesses to build and manage an extraordinary workforce.

Sunil is also an investor, board member, and advisor in several startups, including Neurohacker Collective, ImageStory, Loudr.FM (acquired by Spotify), (acquired by StepStone) and Highvibe Network.

Sunil Bagai
Dream Builder
Liz Wald
Emerging Industry Executive, Advisor & Investor

An emerging industry executive, advisor, investor, and enthusiast, Liz has focused her career on building global marketplaces and is passionate about emerging industries and early-stage companies.  

She thrives in situations where uncertainty and change are the norm, wearing multiple hats is the expectation, and where uncharted opportunities to capture growth abound.

She's a dream builder, a global citizen, and an adventurer!

Liz Wald
Former Chairman of DigiByte Foundation
Hans Koning
Blockchain Catalyst & Decentralization Advocate

Dr. Hans Koning has been advising and investing in startup companies for more than 20 years, thanks to his many years of experience as a corporate executive. Starting in telecoms, he has worked with new companies in a variety of sectors throughout Asia, the US, Australia, and Europe. He has a long track record of helping young companies grow and is a veteran of more than 50 ICOs.

Hans has a long track record of success as an investor, a coach, a C-level manager, and board member. Hans is educated to doctorate level in Information Studies and Policy Studies, and then with a post-doctorate in Corporate Governance from Nyenrode Business University.
He worked at AT&T Laboratories and built innovative management consultancies like Biting, Lynx and O&I. After a stint as non-executive Director for Intelligent Options Trading Analysis, he became the CEO of the “venture catalyst” Tige Tiger.

Hans currently works as an independent consultant for startups and an ICO advisor.

Hans Koning
Founder of Civium, a Source Code of Modern Community Living
Jordan Hall
Supporting and Stewarding the Deep Code of Metaculture

Jordan is now in his seventeenth year of building disruptive technology companies.

Classic “Ready Player One” style 80’s nerd. Comics, science fiction, computers, way too much TV, and role-playing games. Oh, so many role-playing games. Naturally, these interests led to a deep dive into contemporary philosophy (particularly the works of Gilles Deleuze and Manuel DeLanda), artificial intelligence, and complex systems science in college in the early 90’s and then, as the Internet was exploding into the world, a few years at Harvard Law School of all places where he spent time with Larry Lessig, Jonathan Zittrain and Cornel West examining the coevolution of human civilization and technology.

Starting in 1998 he then tried to put all this stuff to use combining disruptive technology, movement-building, and a taste for going up against obsolete oligopolies. First as an early employee crafting strategy and product for, then at InterVU (acquired by Akamai), and then finally in 2000 launching and leading the online digital video revolution as founder and CEO of DivX.

After somewhat successfully navigating two financial crises and an IPO (and going down in flames at Stage6), he left the helm at DivX to return his attention to the big picture. He tried his hand at capitalism – combining Angel investment at the sharp edge of the Schumpeter wave — with participation in a number of think tanks and institutes; most notably, the Aspen Institute and the Santa Fe Institute where he served on the Board of Trustees for five sweet years.

This exposure led him to the conclusion that humanity is in the midst of a world-historical transition that will likely kill all of us (see Mad Max) but just might end in a truly amazing future (see Star Trek). Getting there is going to require many things of us – most notably a significant upgrade of our individual and collective capacity for thought and action.

Deep Code
Jordan Hall
Jess Magic
Storyteller, Facilitator, and Mistress of Ceremony

Jess Magic is a soul-stirring songstress, lifestyle artist, and embodiment coach. She creates compelling invitations for people to interact with life from an open heart through the power, courage, and vulnerability that come along with authentic expression.

As a storyteller, facilitator, and mistress of ceremony, Jess Magic has been guiding intimate immersions and 1,000-person audiences alike, using her voice and her “Heartistry” to empower a shift from “consumer” to “creator” culture by breaking down the barrier between the artist and the audience and giving people permission to be raw, real, and deliciously imperfect.

Jess has been touring internationally through 5 continents and 20 countries, invited onto stages at the Women Economic Forum, United Nations, Mind Valley’s A-Fest, COPP 22 International Climate Summit, and was featured in The New York Times. Her signature program, “Free Your Voice” has been a pioneering body of work in the world of feminine embodiment in virtual space, transforming ordinary Zoom rooms into multi-dimensional ceremonies.

She has supported thousands of men and women from all walks of life in overcoming shame, fear, and self-judgment that have inhibited their ability to discover, experience, and express their feelings and create intimacy with themselves and others as they come into full communion with their souls.

Jess Magic
Creative Impact
Pete Phornprapha
Founder - Scratch First & Wonderfruit Festival

Pete is the Founder and CEO of Scratch First, the Thailand based multidisciplinary studio creating cultural phenomena through mindful experiences.

Scratch First has been at the cutting edge of experience creation as the creators of Wonderfruit, the multi-day art and culture festival, and more recently with Fruitful, a food platform.

Pete is also an avid entrepreneur, with involvement in many industries such as machinery, tech, food, blockchain/crypto, and lifestyle.

His purpose and ambition is to create and lead culture driven impact through creative endeavours, for mind and planet.

Creative Impact
Pete Phornprapha
Operations Ninja
Trevor Lim
Mystic Artist Of Structures

Trevor is an operations consultant who has gone above and beyond with helping numerous organizations in the digital space to scale their processes more efficiently and effectively. With a passion in operational processes and systems, he has managed to help digital businesses from e-commerce, SaaS, digital marketing agencies, blockchain companies to breakthrough the challenges of turning from a bootstrapped business to a well-structured organization by setting down processes and systems.

Having built an entirely remote team of 60+ members, Trevor has strong beliefs that the digital space is here to take over the world, and wants to serve the world by helping everyone understand, in the most simplest manner, that businesses are meant to be both well-structured and flexible at the same time, even without any physical presence around.

Trevor Lim
Exponential Technology
Michael Sung
Tech Innovation, A.I. and East/West Market Convergence

With a Ph.D. in A.I. from MIT, Dr. Michael Sung is an innovator and entrepreneur, leading tech transfer platform, and investment specialist connecting internationally-sourced innovation to China, particularly in the areas of blockchain, artificial intelligence, electric/autonomous vehicles, Industry 4.0, and semiconductor technologies. One of his projects on large-scale graphene manufacturing was recently selected for Google’s Solve for XPRIZE, the first project ever selected from China/HK.

He is the author of 10 patents and 80 conference/journal papers, chair of the steering committee for MIT Tech Review’s Emtech HK Conference, the founder of the One World Blockchain Alliance, and a founding board member for the Technology Innovation Council of Asia, a think tank focused on providing enlightened policy recommendations for regulating disruptive technologies to Asian governments including autonomous vehicles, data privacy, ethical AI, and cryptocurrency/ICO legislation. Michael also Teaches at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Machine Learning
Michael Sung
'Ohana Family of Alliances
Jessica Nazarali
Partnerships & Alliances

Jess Nazarali is a business consultant, coach, and strategist who’s passionate about helping leading coaches, entrepreneurs, and influencers realize and step into their full potential with bespoke high-end coaching and consulting.

Jess has helped many creators and mentors reach the same success she has achieved in her life, becoming a beacon and an example for many.

Jessica Nazarali
High Performance Wizard
Erwin Benedict Valencia
Wellness Expert in the High Performance World of Sport

Erwin Benedict Valencia is a Well-Being Expert and Polymath-- Part-High Performance Clinician, Part-Coach, Part-Change Agent. He served as the Medical and Performance Lead for the New York Knicks as its Director of Training and Conditioning and recently shifted his role to focus and lead the team's Rehabilitation and Well-Being. He initiated the team's Mindfulness Program alongside legendary coach Phil Jackson, and started the first-ever In-season Daily Breathwork program in NBA. He was also the first to collaborate with Meditation App Headspace in order for it to be used as part of the team's recovery strategies. He brings a truly "Whole-listic" approach to professional sports, combining Sports Science+Clinical Expertise+Mindfulness+Positive Psychology to athlete wellness and care. He's also a Community Curator, Social Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and Dance Ninja. He is the first Filipino, raised and educated in the Philippines, to be hired full-time on a medical staff of any major US sports team, and in fact succeeded to do it in both Major League Baseball and the NBA. His company KINETIQ, established in Auckland, NZ in 2013, changed the way sports medicine workshops and events were done by bringing an element of personal growth and professional development in each of the "Happenings" around the world and also launched the first-ever co-working space curated specifically for sports medicine and sports performance specialists in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea. His social initiative, #BeyondMedyo brings awareness to the importance of mental health in the Philippines and challenges the changing landscape of possible successful industries they can get into beyond what culture dictates as "normal". And his 501(c)3 non-profit mentorship program, Grasshopper Project, brings true mentorship possibilities to many in the health, wellness, and performance industries otherwise left without guidance to succeed and helping them become changemakers and thought leaders in the space. Erwin also serves as an Advisory and Board member to numerous non-profits including Womensphere (NY/Philippines), Advance for Rural kids (NY/Philippines), Care for Kenya (Kenya) and is a Brand Evangelist for Wave Sleep, Daybreaker, Lululemon, Headspace, Goorin Brothers, Sound Beverages, and DoTerra Oils.  

He holds Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from the University of the Philippines-Manila, a Masters of Education in Athletic Training & Sports Medicine from Plymouth State (NH) University, and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree with a concentration in Manual Therapy from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. He also completed post-graduate fellowships at Yale University and Regis University. He also holds an Advanced Diploma in Coaching (Executive & Leadership) from New York University, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently pursuing a PhD on GRATITUDE through the faculty of Clinical Medicine and Public Health at the University of Granada in Spain.

He begins every day in GRATITUDE and has found it his duty and responsibility to truly live life to the fullest-- with the purpose of constantly inspiring young Filipinos (and non-Filipinos) to pursue their dreams, in whatever field they deem they’re passionate about.

Erwin Benedict Valencia
Keeper of light
Helena Houdova
Magic Creatrix

As a certified Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach of The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, Helena supports people's journeys back to who they truly are - vibrant, joyful, orgasmic beings.

As a Health Educator of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Helena facilitates lifestyle changes to help people thrive in all aspects of their life. Her background is also in Social and Cultural Anthropology of Western Bohemia University.

Over the past seven years, Helena has learned the Sacred Pelvic Floor Massage for both women and men and dived deep into ancient knowledge of Tantra, Quadushka, Tao, and Lemuria. She also with some of the Neo-Tantra practices.

For twelve years, Helena was president and founder of Sunflower Children - a charity for disadvantaged children around the world. Traveling all around the globe, first as an international high-fashion supermodel, and later as world schooling mom of 3 magical children - Darien, Daveed, and Deia.

Helena Houdova
Leatherback Surfer
Alan Laubsch
Earth Positive Visionary

Alan pioneered the first nature-backed blockchain tokens to protect rainforests and restore mangroves. He is an Earth Positive visionary who is transforming the economy from extractive to regenerative. He is co-founder.

Alan is an internationally recognized thought leader in risk management and his career started as a researcher in JPMorgan’s corporate risk management group in New York, after receiving a degree in Industrial Engineering at Stanford University in 1993. Research included hedge fund risk analysis, default risk modeling, economic capital allocation, and market and credit risk integration. As a Vice-President in JPMorgan's Risk Management Solutions group, Alan advised global financial institutions on enterprise risk management.

Alan is inspired by evolutionary ecosystems and his mission is to catalyze a global risk culture to protect the systems that sustain us.

Alan Laubsch
Enlightened Economics and Awakened Living
Walker Barnard
Founder of Uma Sai

Walker Barnard grew up in an ashram and has blazed a trail of dance floor ecstatic experience in scenes and communities stretching back to the early days working with the Dust Brothers in L.A., through the golden age of hip hop in the late nineties downtown NYC scene, the wilds and mesas of cosmic coast Santa Fe, creating grammy-winning recordings with Native American artists, the clubland trenches of Berlin, and on to co-founding the Air Festival in Bali and creating the Awan stage within it.

In recent years, all these paths have merged and come to a culmination through work with master plants, ancient wisdom, and inner technology. These are embodied in his studio productions, live & Dj sets, ceremonial music, and the creation of Uma Sai, a culture vehicle for awakening through connective, transcendent and uplifting experiences to empower and align us in a relationship of stewardship of the earth, enlightened economics and awakened living.

Walker believes in creating the world we choose - one breath, one heart, one night, and one festival at a time.

Uma Sai
Walker Barnard
Man of the Elements
James SOL Radina
Artist Relations & Special Projects

James is an impact-focused entrepreneur. He owned and ran two nightclubs starting at 21 years old, then spent 7 years in real estate in San Diego. This was followed by building an online digital marketing agency that focused on product launches; he worked with famous authors John Maxwell, Brian Tracy, Paul Martinelli.

Then James dove into the mobile app craze early in the adoption cycle, building two mobile app companies that were sold successfully. After spending some time in a 40-foot RV traveling, James then jumped into the CBD industry, launching the world’s first water-soluble CBD company. Today you will find James in Bali, working on passion projects as a crypto investor, supporting the launch of multiple NFT projects, and even starting a give-back program to support local Bali artists (search BNAP on OpenSea).  

James spends as much time in nature and exploring as possible; he has a strong meditation, breathwork, and spiritual practice.

Peaceful Warrior
James SOL Radina
Minister of Sacred Fun
Raio (Rob Weber)

Raio (Rob Weber) is a respected leader in medicine music, ecstatic dance, intentional-community, and contemporary ceremony communities.

After graduating from Stanford, Raio got called to the path of yoga and meditation. He also began vision-questing in the American Southwest and making pilgrimages into the Andes mountains and Amazon Forest, sitting in and eventually supporting and leading sacred ceremonies. These soul-travels eventually led him to create a home in Bali, where the Balinese culture of devotion has continued to soften and open his heart.  

Inspired by his journeys to create sanctuary spaces and transformational events, for over 15 years he’s stewarded an eco-community in Bali. He also co-founded BaliSpirit Festival, a pioneer in the “Transformational Festivals” space.  

Currently he is focused on producing original music and stewarding the Wakamaia School of Sacred Fun with his wife Sophie Sofree, offering transformational retreats and trainings including a signature Ecstatic Dance DJ Training. He also is on the faculty of an organization that offers transformational retreats to the YPO network. A deeper gaze out to the horizon includes expanded eco-community and earth-stewardship projects. 

A resident DJ for the legendary ecstatic dances at the Yoga Barn in Bali, Raio also leads sacred cacao ceremonies, kirtan and sound healing journeys, and produces music in a mystic jungle studio.

Sacred Fun
Raio (Rob Weber)
Ecstatic Dance DJ
Sophie Sôfree
Mama of the Wakamaia School of Sacred Fun

Sophie Sôfree is the Mama of the Wakamaia School of Sacred Fun, offering transformational retreats and trainings including a signature Ecstatic Dance DJ Training. She has always had a strong calling to study various spiritual paths and indigenous tribal cultures, and for the past decade, her path has been dedicated to learning yoga, the healing power of music and mantra, dance, and the healing tools of the Earth and the plants.

At home in, Bali, you can find  Sophie DJing for ecstatic dance floors, teaching Kundalini Yoga and Mandala meditation classes, or designing retreats in wisdom cultures such as Bhutan, Peru & Bali. Her greatest joy is empowering others to tap into their creativity and reverence for life itself.

Sophie's allegiance to the Earth can be felt through her DJ sets, classes, illustrations, and passion to support indigenous cultures. Through this bridging of traditions, she hopes that the paradigm can be shifted towards a thriving future for all.

Ecstatic DJ
Sophie Sôfree
Evolved Enterprise
Yanik Silver
Best-Selling Author - Evolved Enterprise

Yanik redefines how business is played in the 21st century at the intersection of more profits, more fun, and more impact. His lifetime goal is to connect visionary leaders and game changers to catalyze business models and new ideas for solving 100 of the world’s most impactful issues by the year 2100.

Yanik is the founder of Maverick1000, a private, invitation-only global network of top entrepreneurs and industry leaders. He assembles breakthrough retreats, rejuvenating experiences, and impact opportunities (to date raising over $3M+) with participating icons.
He is the author of several best-selling books including “Evolved Enterprise”.

Evolved Enterprise
Yanik Silver
World Class Film Artists
Patryk & Kasia Wezowski
Film Producers/Directors

As film directors/producers, authors, and educators, Patryk & Kasia are on a mission to inspire over 10 million lives by making movies that make a difference in the world.

Patryk Wezowski and Kasia Wezowski founded the Digital Development Fund which has a focus on developing movies and series with a $5M+ budget for Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney, and more.

When it comes to non-scripted films, they produced and directed 4 inspiring documentaries with a combined budget of $5M+.

Their films have received nominations from over 40 film festivals and have won over 20 film festival awards. Patryk & Kasia broke the record of the most funded documentary ever on Indiegogo. Their work has been published in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Huffington Post, CBS, Fox News, TedX, and Harvard University.

Patryk & Kasia Wezowski
Founder & CEO of Trusted Node and Hydrogen X
Stefan Rust
Entrepreneur, global leader and avid crypto-investor

Entrepreneur, global leader and avid crypto-investor. Stefan Rust is a multilingual mover and shaker turning cutting-edge technology into commercial success. CoFounder of Trusted Node and Hydrogen X, Stefan is helping trailblaze the path of bringing DeFi to the masses.

Stefan Rust
Quartz Clarity Activator
Jennie Harland-Khan
Personal Coach

Jennie is a Personal Coach & Confidant for world leaders. Her clients are high performers from all corners of the globe, who are mission-based and non-negotiable about living extraordinary lives.

From serial entrepreneurs with multimillion-dollar revenues, CEOs, second generation business owners, the people Jennie coaches all know how to create traditional success.

They work with Jennie to create space for untapped personal growth and impact, while experiencing a deep sense of fulfillment.

On a personal note, Jennie's greatest joy is to use the world as her playground with her husband and two teenage children. This saw them relocate from the UK to live in the French ski resort, Chamonix, and for the past few years to Bali for her children to attend the Green School, an international school in the jungle. Her and her husband are also the developers and owners of L’Amandier, a boutique hotel and retreat space in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Jennie Harland-Khan
Karma Slomianski
Community Integrator

I like to make music, press buttons, and create things.

From JPEGs to WAVs

A u t o d i d a c t  • P o l y h i s t o r


My mission is to live in a world where a kid can tell their parent, "I want to be a musician, artist, or creator," and there's a viable path financially, emotionally, and physically.

Karma Slomianski
Inner Universe Temple Keeper
Carlos Romero
Founder of Livin Inspired, School of Embodiment, Yoga & Holistic Arts

Carlos is a surfer, a holistic arts innovator, and a devoted embodied yoga teacher from Venezuela.

Over the last 20 years, he has been immersed in the journey of self-exploration through practices & philosophies connecting body, mind and spirit. Carlos is known to take you for a journey into the sensations of your inner universe, dropping deeper into stillness and awareness.

His fascination with the healing arts, Somatics, conscious movement, and working with the fascia and the cellular intelligence of the body inspired his quest to create a space where humans can find their own meaningful connection to life force to access their full potential.

Holistic Arts
Carlos Romero
Positive Impact and Emerging Technologies.
Alessa Berg
Founder and CEO, Top Tier Impact

Alessa is an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor to funds and companies. Her thought leadership sits at the intersection of positive impact and emerging technologies.

She is the founder and CEO of Top Tier Impact, the global ecosystem of impact and sustainability leaders, focused on the critical issues of our time, present across more than 40 countries. For Alessa and TTI, “impact” represents a positive paradigm shift towards a sustainable, equal, and joyous society.

Alessa has been investing in the blockchain and biotech sectors since graduating from Oxford University in 2012. Alessa sees this technology as a key enabler of transparent systems with a collective alignment of incentives among the planet, communities, and individuals.

She’s an active board member and investor in impact- and sustainability-focused funds and companies.

Alessa Berg
Quantum Mechanic
Kita Kavisic
Social Architect

Kita is a passionate leader, developing awareness in the arena of tribal and community transformation utilizing earth-empowered principles to lead the way.  

After surviving the US Military, Kita went on a Soujorn, connecting with indigenous communities across the globe in a state of retribution, learning the values and cultures of those who live in harmony and honor with our planet.

Currently, Kita is serving as a Sacred Agent for the Earth transitional team, bringing his musical fluency and creative expression as tools for connection and attunement.  

As a student and certified analyst of Human Design, Kita works with individuals and organizations by focusing on the “mechanical efficiency” of the bio-form, assisting humans in recognition of their own inner authority. With organizations, Kita demonstrates the natural rhythms and gaps present and points out where adjustments are necessary to fulfill organizational demands and goals.

A Ceremonialist at heart, Kita blends his skills masterfully, creating unique and safe environments to explore beyond the conditioned veil and to put new structures in place that honor the sovereignty and uniqueness of every life force.

Kita has a mystical quality that aligns high-value resources with the skill set of individuals, creating alliances that catalyze systemic transformation.  

He is currently focused on building the Saraswati Temple Arts Sanctuary, an immersive experiential education hub in Bali as a foundation to provide tools and support in our coming transition on Earth, and a safe space for our growing family to gather.

Kita is also a father of three and a closet artist exploring the use of NFTs and VR as an educational platform for advancing human consciousness.

Quantum Mechanic
Kita Kavisic
Vishal Modha
Platform Developement Advisor

Vishal's passion is making joyful creations with a purpose. He is a serial entrepreneur who is deep in technology startups, and is a culture creator.In the past, Vishal has developed platforms for tech giants such as Unilever, the King of Morocco, RBS, and more.

Currently Vishal is studying bamboo architecture and using blockchain for good. His plan for the future is to build a regenerative village - imagine a new form of real estate where your favorite people from social media end up being your loving neighbours.

Vishal is the CEO of Digital Mycelium and the founder of Evercast:

Vishal Modha
Visionary Founder & CEO
Layla El Khadri
Feminine Leadership Cultivator

Layla El Khadri is a Feminine Leadership Expert, highly acclaimed by colleagues and the women she works with.

She is a gifted mentor, speaker and author, devoting her life to guiding women to bring their highest passions into the world and live life to their fullest potential.

For the past 10 years, Layla has been working with thousands of women worldwide, guiding them through the process of applying ancient wisdom and cutting edge research to reconnect the Mind, Body & Soul, bringing back a sense of alignment and self-confidence, and expanding their ability to show up to their lives, relationships and careers.

Layla’s work has been recognized by some of the leading thinkers of the world, and has opened doors for her to various advisory roles in panels and think tanks made up of some of today's most influential thought leaders and decision makers.

Her fierce commitment to the power and necessity of feminine leadership makes her guidance deeply transformational, and her work really deserves to be experienced by all.

Feminine Leadership
Layla El Khadri
Music producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist
Nate Stein

Bringing consciousness to the party and the party to consciousness through spreading high vibes through a healthy loving heart :)

Equanimous is a music producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist.

He combines elements of downtempo, bass, house, and melodic dance music to create a joyous high vibrational atmosphere on the dance floor.

Equanimous expands the electronic music experience by playing live djembe, keys, and beatboxing along with his tracks.

He’s known for his deep bass, beautiful melodies, live looping, and creative rhythmic beats that take people into a state of euphoric dancing and heart-centered bliss.

Nate Stein
VR Artist
Swan Rei
XR Creative Director and Founder of the Nifty Guild

SwanVR entered the international spotlight upon the debut of her viral Beat Saber video gaining over 100 Million views across socials. An amplifier and speaker at various tech and gaming conferences before hosting rooms on Clubhouse and going into NFTs.

A finalist in the Kusama Network x Block Create Art Competition, SwanVR is transmuting her VR, gaming, and painting experience in creating NFTs that enhance yourself as you transcend to the Metaverse. A virtual reality artist, she mints avatar assets and augmented reality creatures as an extension to express your metaverse self.

Virtual Reality
Swan Rei
Alessandra Mauri
Experience Architect

Alessandra's purpose and mission in life is revolving around creating Community and organizing events that support and enhance coherence between people.

From IRL events to online ones, she is at the forefront of the organizational aspect, networking with artists and speakers.
Her life experiences made her very passionate about bridging the gap between spiritual and a more materialistic and pragmatic line of thoughts, focusing on the healing and the awakening of human potential.

Her passions and missions are quite diverse... She will happily geek about social media strategy with you, help and support your relationship with some dope wisdom, and start a comedy improv skit on the go if the timing is right!

In her opinion, it's all about finding the beauty in the cosmic joke of this reality.

Ale is a loyal friend, a committed ally, with a deep devotion to community.

Alessandra Mauri
Co-founder and Chairman of OpenExO
Salim Ismail
Futurist and best-selling author

Futurist and best-selling author of Exponential Organizations and Exponential Transformation, Salim Ismail has been building disruptive digital companies as a serial entrepreneur since the early 2000s.
Salim is Founding Executive Director of Singularity University and Co-founder and Chairman of OpenExO, a global transformation ecosystem that connects world-class professionals with organizations, institutions and people who want to build a better future through cutting-edge ideas and actionable methodologies. The ExO consulting ecosystem consists of more than 155 certified coaches and advisors from 29 countries doing business in 24 different languages. OpenExO and the global consulting team at ExO Works transforms global business by catapulting organizations into the world of exponential thinking through the ExO Sprint, a proprietary process to achieve 10x performance for organizations of all types.

Salim founded and led some of the most influential tech companies at the foundation of our digital society, including PubSub Concepts and Angstro, which Google acquired in 2010. He led Yahoo!’s internal incubator, Brickhouse, and is an XPRIZE Foundation Board member.
Salim also co-founded the Fastrack Institute which harnesses new technologies to solve the most pressing problems faced by cities today. He sits on the Board of Rokk3r, Inc, and is a general partner at its Rokk3r Fuel ExO venture fund where he identifies the next founders of exponential growth companies.
A prolific speaker, Salim gives more than 150 talks a year to audiences of all sizes around the world. He has been profiled across a vast array of media outlets including The New York Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Fortune, Forbes, WIRED, Vogue, and the BBC.

Salim Ismail

Our network is an open community focused on building bridges and tunnels within the wellness and immersive experience industries.

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The ‘grand central’ DAO of conscious leadership, common interest value creation, and a community of stakeholders built for the future. A co-ownership-based ‘hybrid dao’.


A podcast network inspired by creative expression, moved by enchantment, and focused on the elevation of short-form, binge-worthy audio experiences.

Cosmic Assembly

The DAO of visionary creators, an artist collective and collaborative community designed as a vehicle where creative capital can be incubated and shared.

Lion DAO

Lion DAO is an invitation to collectively write the story of the Elevated Degens. Using the ancient technology of storytelling to invoke a culture of elevating consciousness in the crypto and NFT sphere.


A positive impact ecosystem that rewards you for contributions to real-world causes.


The multiverse of elevated experience. A place for infinite creation within our 360-degree portal of experiences.

A cross-chain asset staking protocol that brings validator network assets to DeFi.

Our Future Economy

An educational story arc exploring the future of finance, unpacking the evolution of blockchain, and pointing the way forward for the global collective.

Uma Sai

A ‘medicine music’ record label and culture vehicle of celebration and connection based on the ancient-future
arts of reverence.

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It’s all about the journey. Packed with exciting releases, we are building core infrastructure that will form the experience layer of the blockchain world.

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Why Highvibe

Our Driving Force

Highvibe Network solves key challenges faced by current market alternatives enabling anyone to build within our token economy, seamlessly leveraging our technology stack and reducing difficulty and time to market for content creators and influencers who seek to create and share valuable experiences.

Think of Highvibe as an operating system for our life.

Highvibe stands at the intersection of art, design, and technology, making way for immense opportunities as we extend the value distribution to mainstream users seeking experiences that are at once entertaining and functional. Moreover, the record of ownership allows for smart financial instruments and emerging economies that support creative capital. Blockchains are converging with digital experiences and virtual reality.

Highvibe Alliance
S.a.c.r.e.d. Core Values
Bridging the gap between our focused attention and our personal growth.

We are all born to serve and support our fellow beings. The more resources we have, the more capacity we have to serve. The growth and success of this project are already exceeding expectations, and it is clear that with success comes greater responsibility. Our goal is to serve humanity, raise the world’s vibration, and improve our shared state of being.


We live on the most abundant planet in the known galaxy, at the most abundant time in history. There is no justification for descending into a scarcity mindset. The resolution is to embody that feeling of abundance. It’s clear that DLT and blockchain will in time facilitate more freedom and abundance for all.


We are all connected more than we could possibly comprehend. We need each other as teachers, mentors and collaborators in order to become our best selves. Connecting with people who are also growing extends our capacity to reach new heights and to further support the greater community around us.


We believe it is our human responsibility to leave the world better than we found it, to serve one another while always looking to the needs of the generations to come. The best way to do that is to become our best selves. To truly expand one’s consciousness, one must have a healthy vessel. This is done through healthy practices -- wellness in mind, body, and physical activity.


Empowerment is the feeling of having what we need to thrive. The more empowered we feel, the more engaged we become. We all have more capacity and untapped potential than we know. Empowerment is the driving force behind the activity, growth, and energy of the team.


We are devoted to our network, our community, our team, our environment, and ourselves. We understand that the most successful individuals in the world are in a state of continual personal development. Therefore, access to self-development is an inherent and essential right afforded to all members of our network.

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