We were born to be free, to expand our horizons, and to learn valuable lessons along the way. This space is dedicated to the signature guides that are here to support your expansion.

Expansion Guide 2

Understanding Yourself

In this Expansion Guide we will look deep inside ourselves. Btw, this is a series. With it, we take you through a journey of conscious awareness and cover the why’s and how’s of meditation. There’s some science, too, so we sound more serious (okay, okay, it’s solid stuff, you’ll see). If you’d like to read the first part, here you go.

Expansion Guide 3

Cultivating Quality Relationships

You are looking at one of the Expansion Guides that we crafted to help you navigate this complex and fun thing called life. We already talked about the journey of meditation and something nice to have, which is self-understanding. Now, let’s move further, to talk about those around us, and, more specifically, the one thing we want from them and they also want from us. Sounds curious? Let’s go!