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Terms of Use

Last Updated: July 28th, 2022

Lion DAO Genesis NFT Holder Terms, Commercial, and Derivative Rights:

The Lion DAO Genesis NFT collection is a collection of digital artworks in the form of non-fungible tokens running on the Ethereum network (the “Artistic Works”), which will likely in the future also support other networks and blockchains. 

These Lion DAO Genesis NFT Terms (“Terms”, “NFT Terms”) and the license set out (“License”) govern your (“you”, “your”, “Primary Purchaser”) use of Lion DAO Genesis NFT Artworks Created by Highvibe Foundation (Lion DAO”, “Lion DAO Genesis” “Highvibe Network”), and your ownership of these NFTs. 

Our core objective with the usage rights (listed below) is to provide ownership and rights of your individual artwork as an owner of a Lion DAO Genesis NFT, in a way that is most supportive to overall brand and IP. We reserve the right to refine these terms to adapt with the times, while maintaining our commitment of Lion DAO Genesis Holders owning the rights to their NFT artwork. 

Lion DAO Genesis Usage Rights and Terms:

1.1. You Own the NFT. The NFT you Own may be used for commercial purposes in its entirety as a whole, or as a basis for derivative works which are altered from the original NFT and Art, but the NFT and Art may not be used to:

- create merchandise using the NFT, once you no longer Own that NFT; or

- use the Art in connection with images depicting hatred, intolerance, cruelty, or other inappropriate behavior that could be reasonably considered to bring the owner of the Art into disrepute, or that could be reasonably considered to infringe on the rights of others; or

-create, sell or promote Counterfeit NFTs or associated collections using the term ‘lion dao genesis’.

1.2. You acknowledge that the NFT you Own contains individual layered files and traits that are owned by Lion DAO.

1.3. For the avoidance of doubt, the individual layered files, traits and Art of the NFT you Own may not be used individually, separately or in combination of each other, other than as provided above, for commercial or any other purpose.

1.4. We do not offer refunds for purchases, or failed transactions on the blockchain. We also hold no liability for actions you take with Web3 technologies as a whole. We recommend following best practices and not to sign any rogue transactions before being certain of the risks involved before singing transactions or providing information over the internet.

1.5. Ownership of the NFT is mediated completely by the Smart Contract and the Ethereum Network, or the relevant supported blockchain. 

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